You love nature, you feel tired of the bustle of the city, follow to explore the natural landscape of Ba Vi National Forest.


Ba Vi is well known as an ideal destination for visitors who love the fresh air and the scenic wilderness of the mountains. Highlighted between mountain and forest green color. Ba Vi National Park is famous for a mysterious beauty. Immersed in the mist is sure to be an interesting experience not to be missed when traveling to Hanoi for those who love to explore. Ba Vi National Park is the most ecological area in Ba Vi with rich natural systems.

Entering Ba Vi National Park, you will first have the opportunity to explore the mysterious natural forest sunk in the mist. There is a forest of blue and green colors, you spoiled with friends and take pictures of virtual life as the movie "Alice in the Wonderland". Especially, when the autumn comes, you will see the forest in the yellow of the leaves.


Ba Vi ancient church: With ancient French-style architecture, Ba Vi's ancient church is full of mystical beauty filled with mysterious hidden in the middle of the thick smoke. If you are afraid of the mysterious appearance of the old house, stick to your feet to explore offline. Mossy cliffs cover the chameleon, Ba Vi ancient church is the ideal place for the super photo "deep" extremely attracted. The ancient beauty and mystery of the ancient church is the hallmark of this famous national park.

The most attractive destination that appeals to a lot of visitors come and check-in is the cactus glass house in Ba Vin resortVi. The cactus glasshouse is built into a unique and fancy dragon cactus paradise, attracting every visitor's eyes. This is an interesting stop, unique to young people with more than 1200 species of small cactus full of thorns, strong but no less dreaming.


With more than 500 steps from immense jungles, you will come to Thuong Temple - a spiritual historical site built on the mountain of Tan Vien. The relics of Thuong Temple include 4 main areas: Uncle Ho Temple, Lower Temple, Trung Temple and Thuong Temple. You can feel the ancient beauty of the old temples in the cold flavors of mist, clouds, wind, and forests.


Ba Vi tourist destination is also popular for its specialties such as spiny fish, Da river catfish, goat's milk, goat's meat, taro soup, fried pickles greens, cassava, etc. Especially in the cold season, visitors can participate in picnic campfire, cook and organize barbecue party on your own in the large space of the forest. Warm enough to quench the cold of the winter and the ghost of the forest.