Common Activities to Escape from the Heat in Thailand

Hit the Shopping Malls

In every Thailand tour, you cannot hide from the heavy sunshine featuring in a tropical climate region. Facing the terrible heat, the first thing you should find is an air-conditioner. Luckily, all shopping malls in big cities of Thailand have required this equipment that you can stroll along the mall, pick up some products and items in the comfortably cool temperatures. You can find everything there from modern households to special Thai food. Moreover, many big malls provide more services than just shopping such as movie theaters and playgrounds for children.

Visit the Museums

If the shopping malls are too much bustle and hustle with you, a calmer place such as a museum can be a good idea. A visit to museums will bring you an overview of the culture and history of the country. Especially, the National Museum in Bangkok is a must-seeing site in most of Bangkok city tours. What a great place to slip out of the heavy sunshine in the high-temperature weather!

Take a Swim

The easiest way to avoid the heat is soaking in fresh and cool water. Thailand has the beautiful coastline with various stunning beaches, especially famous Phuket, where you can take a visit and let the cool water lure you away. Besides, the islands of Thailand such as Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Phi Phi, etc. are always among the top well-known destinations in the world. Although the capital Bangkok does not have the coastline, it still offers a collection of water parks around the city that attract hundreds of visitors coming in the hot season. The Fantasia Lagoon with large pools located in Siam Park City is not a bad suggestion if you don’t want to go far from the city center.

Explore the Thai Street Food

One of the well-known features when foreigners mentioning Thailand is the rich street food. It sounds ridiculous to say that eating can make you forget about the heat. But with Thai cuisine, it always works! Take a visit to any street in touristy cities to enjoy a food tour when you sample every spice of this country. would like to recommend some featured dishes such as fresh fruits, Som Tam, noodle soup, Pad Thai, grilled meat, and desserts including coconut ice-cream and Tub Tim Grob.

Hop on a Boat

The dense network of rivers and canals in Thailand bring the chance to escape from the heat of big cities with a ride on the boat along the water. In Bangkok, a visit to floating markets is considered as the must-trying experience which you can get a glimpse of the daily life of local people. A boat along the rivers in Bangkok will bring you through many famous landmarks such as the stunning sunset view over the Wat Arun. In the rural areas, a small boat passes through artisan and fishing villages is a great idea to get a completely different experience in the Land of Temples Thailand.